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The Alpha Omega International Dental Fraternity has many concurrent philanthropic efforts across the globe. These efforts are coordinated through our International Alliance of Alpha Omega Charitable Organizations. The ability to give back to others and help communities in need is the cornerstone of the Alliance's foundation, and as our membership increases, the greater the impact we can have in accomplishing our charitable goals. Those who are not yet members of the Alpha Omega International Dental Fraternity will find that it has an impressive record of improving the world through dental health care. Exciting possibilities and great additional value are available to those who wish to become part of our worldwide efforts. If you are interested in participating, please contact us or through one of our Charitable Organizations in your country.

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The International Alliance of Alpha Omega Charitable Organizations

The International Alliance of Alpha Omega Charitable Organization, formed 2011, was created with the purpose of sharing ideas and information between the existing charitable organizations of the U.S., Canada, London and Israel. It allows for our Foundations and Trusts to better communicate, reducing duplication of services, and opening opportunities for new giving. Fundraising projects of synergy created enhances the overall end result. In Addition, the Alpha Omega Chapters in France, as well as other countries that do not have formal foundations, participate in the Alliance. We foresee that the Alliance will serve to educate our members as to what is possible in the arena of giving, in both money and with in-kind services, within the realm of our Global Oral Health Initiative (GOHI). We hope that this information encourages the formation of new partnerships and new collaborations with non-member dentists, auxiliary dental caregivers, colleagues in medicine, and those in the medical and dental industry. An excellent example of one of our current partnerships is illustrated by the many successful campaigns and projects in conjunction with the Henry Schein Corporation. They have also been extremely helpful in assisting us with the preparation, printing, and distribution of this brochure, and we thank them for their generosity and their leadership.

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